Exeter Trek

By the mid-23rd century, the United Earth Space Probe Agency had ventured deep into known space. Now, a new mission with twelve Starship class vessels.

The task: reach further into the uncharted expanse for knowledge and exploration.

Such is the intrepid voyages of the USS Exeter. Blazing the trail so that others may follow. This is their adventure. This is the EXETER TREK!

Exeter Trek was filmed at Farragut Films Studio (now Neutral Zone Studios) and takes place between the Pike and Kirk eras, aboard the U.S.S. Exeter (NCC-1672), before the doomed mission which occurred under the command of Ronald Tracey (TOS: “The Omega Glory”).

Our interiors were shot at the then Farragut Studios in late January 2014. It was a 2 day, hardcore exercise in back dating the sets to our pilot era look, shot set-ups, several takes of the scenes, costumes being completed last-minute, trying to find a hot cup of coffee, etc. But when we left the studio late Sunday night, we were all exhausted, but had a Blast!

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