THE NEUTRAL ZONE is a full-service film studio that contains a full-scale suite of Constitution class starship sets! Check out our video for a full view!

Is the studio open for tours?

No, we are not open on a regular basis and do not offer tours. We periodically open for fan visits and fan appreciation weekends. Please check our CALENDAR for dates.

Is there and entry fee to the studio?:

Yes, there is no charge to walk through the studio; however, donations and membership are appreciated.

Do you allow photography at the studio?:

Yes, photos and videos are encouraged. It’s part of the fun!

How can I make a fan film at the studio?:

It’s easy. Just check out our MAKE YOUR OWN FAN FILM page.

How can I be put on your mailing list?:

Just go to our NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP page.

How can I become a member?:

If you like what you see, please help us by becoming a member. A pledge of just a few dollars a month goes directly toward keeping the lights on! Please check out our SUPPORT US page.

Can I link to your website?:

Absolutely! and please check all of our social media pages.

October 21-22, 2023!

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Meet STC's creator and Captain Kirk LIVE!
Vic Mignogna, noted anime voice actor and Executive Producer of STC, walks you through our starship.
Live long and prosper...