Just a Piece of the Action

Captain Alan Zucker of the starship Tranquility finds himself in a wormhole after a fire fight with the Klingons and find themselves 100 years in the past on the date of the captain’s birthday. While communications is monitoring old style VHF and UHF radio transmissions, the captain loads his DNA helix into the ship’s scanners, and scans the planet surface for matches.

There’s a match: primary location, Montreal Canada.

The captain remarks: This is far too strange. First 100 years forward in time, and 100 years back again…not to mention it just happens to be my birthday today… Far too many coincidences… I’m beaming down to the planet to investigate.

As the captain makes his way off the bridge, he tells his crew: My friends, in the eventuality that I don’t return, it’s been truly an honor to serve with all of you… In my lifetime, to imagine that one day I would sit in this chair, command a starship, explore the stars… My advice for your own futures… dream the impossible, find a way to reach your goals, and never count yourself out… you’ll never know how far you can go unless you try…

Alan Zuckerman made this private birthday video to surprise his friends at his birthday celebration. A lifelong fan of Star Trek, he dreamed of one day commanding a starship… and he did…

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