Meet the crew

So many of you have come to the Studio and seen our faces. Here are the people behind all the hard work we put into the Studio. Neutral Zone Staff & Volunteers

Ray Tesi

Ray Tesi – Owner and President 

“There can be only one Captain to a ship” – Thomas John Barnardo

After the final episode of Star Trek Continues was filmed, the set sat in a frozen state waiting for the right person to come along. Enter our fearless Captain, finding out about the sets he approached the owner of the sets to purchase them. Officially January 2018 then Stage 9 Studios was under a new owner later to become The Neutral Zone Studios. 

Executive Team


Tina –  Business Manager, Scheduling Coordinator

“…every good captain needs a first officer who will tell him when he’s wrong.”

– Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
– S2E2, “Ad Astra per Aspera”

Tina is the studio’s Number 1 and works directly with Ray on business decisions, celebrity relations, event and schedule management, project budgeting, and many other administrative duties.




Ruth – Merchandise Coordinator, Guest Management, Studio Accountant

At the Helm

Dan Scanlan

Dan – Communication Officer

Dan is a man of many talents. His affiliation with the studio goes back to Star Trek Continues and is part of the sound department. He continued that journey when Neutral Zone Studios was founded. Dan is also a full time Journalist with the Florida Times Union in Jacksonville, FL making him the perfect Public Relations. 

Allen Anderson

Allen – Sound/Audio Department Supervisor



The Neutral Zone is currently closed for the summer.
Please check back in September. Thank you