Set Visits

Often times fans may just want to walk-through the sets, for this we make our sets open to the public on specific days throughout the year. we would LOVE to have you come and visit!

PLEASE NOTE: All Set Visits on Scheduled Fan Days are ALWAYS FREE! – Click Here to see Dates



  • Please be respectful the sets! Great care has gone into the construction and maintenance. We appreciate it!
  • Absolutely no food or drink on set!
  • Please watch your step at all times
  • Take as many selfies as you like and feel free to post on social media and live feeds. Don’t forget to tag us!
  • We have staff posted to answer any questions or help you find your way
  • Restrooms are located just passed the Transporter Room
  • You may exit and return to the studio as many times as you like, but please respect our other fans as well
  • No smoking
  • No tribbles

Click to print rules

PATRON Rick and His Family Visit Set 2019


  • NEUTRAL ZONE STUDIOS is a labor of love. The physical work has been all-volunteer from the start – so few doing so much. The overhead expenses and marketing costs have been stressful.
  • The joy, the artistry, the talent, the camaraderie, the communal sense of purpose of keeping something good, something worthwhile afloat.
  • So far, we’ve been able to keep the lights on thanks to hundreds of donors and supporters. Revenue opportunities are very few, which compels us to reach out to those who appreciate all that goes on, and comes out of, Kingsland, GA.
  • All contributions will go towards rent, utilities and maintenance

We thank you!

The Neutral Zone is currently closed for the summer.
Please check back in September. Thank you