Make Your Fan Film


So you want to make a fan film at Neutral Zone Studios…?


Please read this page carefully and, if you have any further questions, contact Scott Johnson ( and Monica Mendivil (, who will act as Booking Agents for Neutral Zone Studios.


What is required for me to use your sets to shoot my fan film?

We ask for the following things from all fans wishing to use our sets for filming:

  1. Your pledge (in writing or email) that you will adhere to the CBS/Paramount guidelines for Star Trek fan films
  2. Your signature on a waiver of liability releasing Neutral Zone Studios from any liability in the event you or any of your personnel are injured in any way while within our facility.  All members of your crew will be asked to sign this waiver when they enter the studio
  3. A list in advance of which sets you intend to film on, what filming equipment you intend to bring, and how many people you expect to be present for each day of filming
  4. ​​Proper caution and respect shown for our sets, which must be kept in a usable condition for all fan film shoots, not just yours.  You will be responsible for the cost of repair for any damage to the studio caused by your production.
  5. Prompt payment, according to our schedule (laid out below), of all fees required for the use of our facilities prior to your filming date.
  6. The following acknowledgement in your closing credit​s:

Filmed at The Neutral Zone Studios

Kingsland, GA

Wait, isn’t it “free” to film on your TOS sets?

Not exactly.  While Neutral Zone Studios makes NO PROFIT from the rental of our sets and facilities, we still need to cover our expenses.  Those expenses include electricity and other utilities used during the shoot, insurance, and maintenance/upkeep of the sets themselves.

There are also two caretakers who need to be on site before, during, and after each shoot.  One oversees electrical set-up and operation, ensuring safe and proper usage of studio lighting, console displays and buttons, etc.  The other supervises the sets themselves, many of which having moving parts (like doors) and need to be treated with care.  These two men have to take time away from their jobs and/or families to be available for shooting, and so we ask that they be compensated for their time.

So how much does it cost to film on your sets?

As of June 1, 2020, the total cost for set rental is $400 per day.  Of that, $200 goes towards rent, electricity, utilities, insurance, and maintenance.  The other $200 is for the gaffer (electrical supervisor) and set manager to be available for day.

What if we only film for HALF of a day…do we get a discount?

No.  To keep things simple, we charge a daily rate, not a half-day or hourly rate.

How about if we bring our own lights or we have our own electrician?  Can we save $100 by not having your gaffer on site?

No.  Our gaffer is intimately familiar with our facility’s electrical requirements and capabilities and must be on site during your entire filming day.  The same is true for our set manager.  They each provide a separate and critical function for keeping our sets safe and properly maintained.

Hey, doesn’t it violate the fan film guidelines for us to pay people to work on our film?

Your people must be volunteers, but our people aren’t part of your team, they are caretakers for our facility.  In the same way that you might need to pay people to provide food (like pizza) during your shoots, you need to pay our facility caretakers.

Is there any bulk discount if we film on multiple days?

No.  Each day (or partial day) of filming is $300.  That isn’t much for a facility offering the vast array of meticulously constructed and maintained sets that we provide.

How far in advance do I need to reserve the sets?

The sooner the better, but at least 30 days prior.  However, access to our sets is granted on a first come, first served basis.  If you wait too long, the date(s) you want might no longer be available.

And when do I need to pay you?

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is due no later than 30 DAYS BEFORE your filming start date.  The remainder of the full payment for your total reserved shooting time ($300/day) is due no later than 1 WEEK BEFORE your filming start date.

Wait, the $200 deposit is non-refundable?  What if I need to cancel?

The $200 deposit is non-refundable because our two facility caretakers need to clear their own personal schedules for the day(s) your reserve to film.

However, if you do need to cancel and have paid your remaining balance, you will be refunded your full payment minus the $200 deposit up to 48 HOURS BEFORE filming.  Within 48 hours of filming, you will be refunded your full payment minus your $200 deposit and a $100 cancellation fee.

What if I don’t cancel but just need to reschedule for a later date?

Currently, we do not charge a rescheduling fee.  We will simply keep whatever payment(s) you have made thus far and apply them to the day(s) you ultimately come in to shoot.

What if I reserve more days than I end up using?

We will refund your payments for any full day(s) that you reserve but don’t end up using.

What if I need to extend my filming days after I’ve already started shooting?

Assuming that additional days are open on our schedule and our caretakers are both available, you may extend your shooting days.  But you must pay for any additional days BEFORE being let into the facility on those days.

How do I pay you?

Our standard payment method is via PayPal using the account:

(The business name will show as Stage 9 Studios, LLC dba The Neutral Zone)

When do I sign the injury liability waiver and the pledge to follow the fan film guidelines?

All paperwork must be signed in person on the first day you and your production crew enter the facility.  The liability waiver must be signed separately by each person who will be present for the day.  The pledge to follow the fan film guidelines need only be signed by the fan film’s show-runner or whoever is responsible for the shoot.

Do I or my people need to help clean up when filming is completed?

We would certainly appreciate it!  However, we realize that shooting days can be exhausting and occasionally extend long into the night.  We don’t expect you to do anything more than keep things relatively tidy and pick up your trash as you go along.  If you want to help beyond that, talk to our facility caretakers during the shoot.

Is there a specific time when we need to stop filming for the day?  If we go over, will we be charged extra?

We will need to approach this on a case-by-case basis.  Sometimes shoots go long and it can’t be avoided.  In general, we like to wrap up no later than 9pm so our facility caretakers can go home to their families and get some rest.  But we won’t kick you out if you are almost finished.  Shoots lasting longer than midnight might require some additional compensation, but that will be discussed after filming has wrapped.

Also, due to the heat during summer months, those shoots might be scheduled for the evenings instead of during the daylight hours.  Again, it will be a case-by-case determination.

Wait a second, don’t you have air conditioning?

Sadly, no.  While we do have fans, our facility is located in an area where the heat during the summer months can be extreme.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your shoots, as the months of June-August can be oppressive…especially when hot studio lights are turned on and your actors are all wearing long-sleeve velour tunics!

Do you have props and costumes we can borrow?

Yes, but not many.  You should plan to bring your own costumes and props.  If you borrow any of our costumes, a $20 cleaning fee will be added for each costume you use.  You are, of course, responsible to compensate us for any damage to borrowed props and/or costumes that occurs during your production.

How about lights and other equipment?

Yes, we have studio lights that we are happy to let you borrow!  They are the same lights that were used for Star Trek Continues and other fan films.  However, the lighting must be supervised by our on-site gaffer.  Any damage to our lights resulting from the actions of any of your cast or production crew will be your financial responsibility to repair and/or replace.

We do not have other filming equipment (such as cameras or boom mics).  Those are your responsibility to supply.

Do you have a dressing room and/or make-up room?

Yes, we have one of each, which you are welcome to use.  We also have a kitchen area.  But we do not supply food.  You are responsible for feeding and hydrating your actors and crew.

Speaking of our actors and crew, can you help us find lodging in the area for our team members?

We would be happy to!  We have a list of local area hotels within minutes of the studio that offer very reasonable group rates.  Just let us know, and we can supply you with our list of hotels, phone numbers, and the rates we’ve been quoted.  Please mention the group “The Neutral Zone” when making reservations to access their discounted group rates.

What about donations?  Are those also required to use your sets?

No, donations are not required.  However, Neutral Zone Studios costs nearly $50,000 per year to maintain and operate, and receiving $400 per day for only a handful of fan film shoots each year doesn’t come close to covering those costs.

So please consider signing up for our Patreon ( to help us meet our expenses.  Even as little as $5 or $10 a month can make a difference for us.  But it is not required.

Likewise, we would appreciate it if you help promote our Patreon to your own backers and production crew and friends, as the more donations we get, the longer this facility will exist for fans to use and enjoy.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Again, if you have any further questions, or if you would like to book a date, please contact Scott Johnson ( and Monica Mendivil (

Travel, Lodging and Food Expenses

  • The fan film production team is responsible for all expenses required by their cast and crew. There are ample facilities in Kingsland in close proximity to the studio for your requirements.
  • Here is a list of local area hotels offering group rates.
  • Tell them you are with the group THE NEUTRAL ZONEwhen making reservations.

Travel Distances:

  • From Jacksonville, FL Airport (JAX) 26 miles                     29 minutes
  • From Orlando, FL Airport (MCO) 194 miles                   2 hours 56 minutes
  • From Atlanta, GA Airport (ATL) 328 miles                   4 hours 51 minutes
  • To Disney World / Universal Studios, FL 197 miles                   3 hours 6 minutes