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Help support The Neutral Zone 

As NEUTRAL ZONE STUDIOS is a Not for Profit facility, it takes the passion and love of fans to keep it going.

The Mission of NEUTRAL ZONE STUDIOS is to provide fan films, professional filmmakers, host out-of-this-world events, and provide a unique home for fans to celebrate and meet.

But there are many expenses involved in keeping the doors open and we are looking for your help in keeping the dream alive!​

All contributions will go towards rent, utilities and maintenance. Any monies collected beyond that will fund studio improvements and new set construction.​

There are 2 ways to help contribute to The Neutral Zone:


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Sign up to make a monthly contribution that will go towards studio expenses. There are different membership perks for your level of contribution​.

ONE-TIME DONATION though Secure Payment Protal

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Help keep the dream alive with your one-time donation. No long-term commitment and your donation will go towards studio expenses. We thank you for anything you can contribute!​

NEUTRAL ZONE STUDIOS contains a full-scale suite of Constitution class starship sets including: the bridge, transporter room, engineering, sickbay, briefing room, captain’s quarters, auxiliary control, a 100 foot-long corridor, a near-by green screen facility, and much more!​

The sets can be configured and redressed to make any film. And the coastal Georgia area where the studio sits is perfect for almost year-round exterior filming.

The Neutral Zone is currently closed for the summer.
Please check back in September. Thank you